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Warning! May Contain Spoilers (Or Can a Global Internet Society Keep Secrets?)

by Becky Mezzanotte Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is a film that I have been looking forward to seeing ever since I found out that my favorite British actor was working on it. Excited as always by the thought of seeing … Continue reading

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Social Media, the Recipe for Revolution?

by Ginnie Seger It seems as if social media have become the belle of the ball, the newest champion of the people, a tool of democracy, but have social media really transformed politics? Is it as easy as mixing in … Continue reading

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Latin Pulse Returns Online

by Rick Rockwell This post is a bit of a programming advisory about the revival of sorts of a notable public affairs program called Latin Pulse, which was produced by Link TV for four years, but has not been produced … Continue reading

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Body Image & the Media: Calling for the New Look Model

by Tara Ashraf Why is it that America is always a little bit behind Europe?  (I don’t mean educationally — if we were talking about education, frankly, we’re light-years behind.)  But even in the realm of media, I’m ashamed to … Continue reading

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Africa & Technology: From Famine to Facebook

by Jessica Andrews If someone were to ask how you would rank all the continents in terms of accessibility to technology, I think almost anyone would rank Africa last. But that may not be true for much longer. Media are … Continue reading

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