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Graphic Images: Burying Gaddafi’s Corpse or Putting it on the Front Page?

by Jessica Andrews In the morning, you sit down and open the newspaper, and before you can even get your morning cup of coffee, you’re confronted with a bloody body. Depending where in the world you wake up, this may … Continue reading

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Ruzuo: Cinema Paradiso in China

by Echo Xie, a Chinese website that organizes movie screening events, is becoming increasingly popular. In Chinese, “ruzuo” means “take a seat.” Loyal members of Ruzuo like to call themselves Zuoers, or “seat takers.” What makes Ruzuo stands out … Continue reading

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Hitting a Sour Note: Cheryl Cole’s Accent Silenced on The X Factor

by Jeff Hutter I’d like to introduce you to Cheryl Cole.   Most of you probably don’t know who she is, but you could have. You can thank Rupert Murdoch and FOX TV network executives for removing her from U.S. … Continue reading

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Searching for Truth in a World of Death, Violence & Media Voyeurism

by Corey Smith Depictions of violence and even death are oftentimes sensitive subjects to broach. However, when viewed under the lens of the media, these topics gain a unique sense of importance in that audiences can be extremely receptive, perhaps … Continue reading

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Aishwarya Rai’s Baby: A Bump in her Career?

by Swati Singh Beautiful blue-eyed girl meets a tall handsome young man. They fall in love.They have it all. Name, fame, money and the blessings of their parents. They get married and live happily ever after. Sounds like another happy … Continue reading

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