Afro-Latin American Music Inspires Social Movements

Cuban rappers Los Aldeanos perform in Spain in 2010.

This weekend as the U.S. starts to shift gears into holiday mode (and because this blog has already heard the complaints about holiday music wafting across the airwaves even in advance of Thanksgiving) a tempo change is overdue.  Certainly, both this blog and the Latin Pulse podcast usually adopt a very serious tone.  But who says you can’t be serious and have some fun too along the way?

The end result is likely to be some serious fun.

This editor/producer/podcaster certainly had fun with a different approach this week. That approach featured hefty samples of Cuban rap, Brazilian baile funk, and Colombian cumbia.  So if you don’t mind a little shameless promotion with your Latin American music, then tune into the latest Latin Pulse podcast, please.

Besides the music, the program features in-depth interviews on the impact of Afro-Latin American culture on music and social movements.  If you want to hear more about what’s motivating young people from Brazil’s favelas to the old town section of Havana, then this program, the music, and the conversation are all for you.

You can download or stream the program here or here. The program is also available on iTunes.  Or you may use the player below to stream it.

~Rick Rockwell

(To read another piece on popular Latin rappers, please see: “Video: Calle 13 & ‘Latinoamérica’.”)

(The photo is by Oriana Eliçabe of Barcelona Spain via Flickr, using a Creative Commons license.  A playlist of songs used in the podcast is available here.)

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Rick Rockwell is the Director of the School of Communication’s International Media program at American University. Rockwell is an award-winning journalist and author. His book, Media Power in Central America, won an award from the American Library Association. Please see the additional links for a full profile.
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