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Saving Undershaw: Holmes Fans Unite

by Becky Mezzanotte What do you get when you cross a historical building in need of saving and a worldwide group of fans about a particular Victorian novel? If you guessed a book of fan-written stories about Sherlock Holmes with … Continue reading

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The Internet & the Right to be Forgotten

by Gabby LaVerghetta Can a person be completely forgotten online? According to the European Commission (E.C.), not only is the answer yes, but there should be a right to guarantee it. Earlier this year, the E.C. announced a reform of … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Violent Cycle

by Rick Rockwell How long does Mexico have to suffer before its violent cycle ends?  This question comes to mind because Mexico City’s Human Rights Commission announced last week that March of 2012 was the most violent month on its … Continue reading

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Twitter to the Rescue in South Africa

by Becky Mezzanotte This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of Twitter saving someone’s life, but I must say even so it still makes me go “Wow!” (For a very different example, please see “Hunger Striker Khader Adnan, Saved by … Continue reading

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Demonizing Iran & the Electronic Curtain

by Gabby LaVerghetta President Barack Obama in his Nowruz address to the Iranian people coined the term “electronic curtain” to describe the lack of access to online information in Iran.  (Please see “Iran’s Electronic Curtain” for more.)  Now, the United … Continue reading

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