Netflix Expands to Latin America and Beyond

by Becky Mezzanotte

Netflix is expanding. What started off as a simple concept in the U.S. is now becoming international. And who can blame them? The market for accessing movies and television series instantly isn’t just an American demand. It’s a global one.

So it comes as no surprise that Netflix announced its plans to expand to Latin America this past week.  Netflix announced last year that it would be expanding to the U.K. and I don’t think it will be long before Netflix tries expanding to other parts of the globe.

While I think the idea of Netflix is great, I still can’t help wonder what will happen to traditional broadcasting globally. How will networks deal with the idea that people can access what they want, whenever they want for a lot less money? Will people stop watching television in general? I’m not the only one who is contemplating these questions. The television networks in Canada are thinking the same way.

The question that I’m dancing around here is with a global expansion of Netflix; will this change the way that people watch television and movies? I’m not an expert, but I think that the change we will see will not be huge. I think that networks from around the globe are going to work to still make more traditional methods of watching television acceptable and worthwhile. I mean, I have Netflix and I still find myself drawn to cable television. But, then I could also be very wrong.

(The photo graphic is from Netflix for promotional purposes and is used here following fair use and fair comment guidelines.)

About As Directed By Becky

Becky Mezzanotte (or Becky Mezz as she is often called) has been described as a paper crane amidst a world of boxes. Or rather she cannot be defined in any sort of neatly packaged way. Becky is a beauty pageant contestant turned ballerina turned musician turned actor turned filmmaker/photographer turned graduate of American University from the International Media program. A Baltimore native, she has lived in Prague, the Czech Republic, Cairo, Egypt and of course Washington, DC. In her free time, Becky can be found writing television/movie scripts (which she hopes to someday have produced), reading books, obsessing over Korean and British TV shows, making fake blood, or possibly re-enacting the American Civil War.
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