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Letter from Mexico: Carlos Marín & the Elections — When Mexico’s most famous journalist gets verbally assaulted by a mob after a political rally it resonates through the political system.  But as usual, what is going on in Mexico is more complex than it may first appear.

Contraseña Verde: Small Solutions for a Big Problem — A television program in Latin America decides to build environmental consciousness one child at a time.

Overrating Privacy — In modern times is privacy a luxury or a concept that is old-fashioned considering how helpful some tracking and GPS services can be for users?  Is privacy a quaint Western concept with a shelf-life that’s about to expire?  The debate begins here.

Choking Free Expression in Turkey — Turkey may be gaining a lot of ground in the public diplomacy arena, but that means many are ignoring how many journalists and others it has under lock and key.

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Rick Rockwell is the Director of the School of Communication’s International Media program at American University. Rockwell is an award-winning journalist and author. His book, Media Power in Central America, won an award from the American Library Association. Please see the additional links for a full profile.
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