Connect4Climate’s New Video Challenge


The Connect4Climate team at the World Bank is interested in moving the needle in new directions when it comes to development communication.  Not content with the standard fare of public service announcements and dry top-down communication, the bank’s innovation for 2013 is asking the world’s youth to speak out about environmentalism and climate change.

Connect4Climate is sponsoring a video challenge for any student (between the ages of 18 and 35) to create a 30-second video message that raises awareness about climate change.  (More details can be found here.)  The top prize is a scholarship valued at 5,000 euros.  Borrowing from the lexicon of the era, they’ve dubbed the competition iChange.

The Connect4Climate team is co-sponsoring this video challenge with Italy’s TVN network and finalists will face off in late May in Milan, Italy to see who wins the top scholarship.  For those who feel producing a video is too much for one person, the rules allow teams of up to five people to compete.

This competition follows on the Connect4Climate concert in Washington, D.C. earlier this spring dubbed “Right Here Right Now.”  At the concert the Connect4Climate team discussed its various international competitions and handed out the team’s new CDs, featuring top international music acts.  By using YouTube, music samplers, and video competitions, the Connect4Climate team is borrowing guerrilla marketing strategies to amplify its messages.  But this team is also using good old-fashioned shoe leather:  the group has been making presentations on college campuses in the U.S. and Europe to build grassroots interest in their competitions and overall message of environmentalism.

(The logo for the iChange competition is from Connect4Climate and is used with permission.)

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