Bee Stings May Be Miracle Cure

By Ibrahim Alkhayal

Alternative medicine often comes up with new and creative healing processes. A method being tried in Palestine uses the bee sting, called apitherapy.

Rateb Samour, known as Abo Ibrahim, is a Palestinian beekeeper and agriculture engineer in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah. For about 13 years, he has devoted all his time to studying and developing an alternative medicine treatments out of bee products, according to Reuters.

Although he is not a physician and never studied medicine, he believes in his treatment. Ibrahim treats about 250 patients daily. Their illnesses range from hair loss to cerebral palsy and cancer, says The Jerusalem Post.

“We had people with 7.3 million viruses in one centimeter of their blood. After around four months of bee treatment, it was negative,” Ibrahim told The Jerusalem Post. “Of course, this is unbelievable. Not only with bee’s stings but also with bee products on a specific schedule. Thank God, many cases were completely healed.”

The 58-year-old Palestinian knows the exact point where bees should sting his patient. A person might have thought that a single encounter with a bee is enough, but people undergoing apitherapy may get stung 80 times a day or more, said the Health Day News.

The treatment uses bee venom discharge. When the bee is near the patient’s body, it starts to excrete chemicals that include healthy and natural antibiotics, including cortisone and antihistamines. It is 10 times more powerful and effective than pharmaceuticals, Palestine Today explains.

Ibrahim demanded that the Palestinian Ministry of Health look at apitherapy as a type of scientific medicine and not just an alternative medicine. He calls on Palestinian universities and researchers to adopt a course that focuses on bees, according to Palestine Today

Health Day News, a website that provides health news, acknowledges that some doctors, particularly in Eastern Europe, have reported using injections of bee venom to treat rheumatoid arthritis successfully. Moreover, bee venom has been used as a treatment in East Asia since at least the second century BCE, according to Discover Magazine.

Apitherapy uses all bee-related products, including honey and propolis – or bee glue used to build hives – and venom. Apitherapy is a painful treatment but it could be the cure for many illnesses. Let’s hope that the bees show compassion when they sting people to make them feel better.

Photograph courtesy of Pixabay through Creative Commons

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