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Ginnie Seger is a Masters Candidate in the International Media program at American University. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in broadcast journalism. During her undergraduate education, she studied abroad in both Ghana and China. Ginnie worked for WCVE PBS Richmond, as a production technician in the Virginia House of Representatives. After completing her degree in 2008, she joined the Peace Corps where she served in Kenya as a deaf education volunteer until 2011. While in the Peace Corps, she worked to create a strategic health campaign for the Kenyan deaf population. In the future she hopes to work for a non-profit organization, and is interested in the use of social media and technology in the developing world.

Kony 2012: Lessons Learned?

by Ginnie Seger Shakespearean dramas often feature the archetype of the tragic hero, a character who possesses qualities of enthusiasm and ambition; yet their ultimate downfall is tied to what Aristotle called “an act of injustice” or hamartia, which is … Continue reading

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The Kony 2012 Campaign: A Manhunt Goes Viral

by Ginnie Seger Have social media transformed the way the world can leverage its power towards issues of social justice? This is a question often pondered on this blog and by many researchers who analyze the power information and action … Continue reading

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Kuhonga: Kenya’s Mobile Corruption Reporting

by Ginnie Seger A little over a year ago, my weekly trip into the town of Embu, Kenya from my village would be unpredictable to say the least. Potential scenarios would include goats stuffed under my seat, precarious routes and … Continue reading

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Mapping the Global Landscape About Media for Development

by Ginnie Seger Freedom of the press has always been the backbone of democracy, and historically serves the fourth estate — a citizen’s tool against tyranny. Globally, media have developed to serve a similar role, from the corruption reporting through … Continue reading

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Global Sharing Culture: Are SOPA & PIPA Really Over?

by Ginnie Seger I remember sitting on the scratchy carpet, staring at the radio, waiting.  What was I waiting for? The perfect song to complete my mixed tape. In order to record a song, I would wait patiently through advertisements, … Continue reading

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