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Shaping Public Opinion

By Tim Allan The modern pace of the media in our society is faster than at any other point in human history. People face a constant influx of opinions, polls, and organizations fighting for influence.  It is a battle the group … Continue reading

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The Media & the Military: A Question of Access

by Rick Rockwell Why does it matter who is considered a journalist? This author was confronted with that question during a recent seminar session with high-ranking military officers, members of defense ministries, military experts, and diplomats from Latin America.* (For … Continue reading

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Kenya: Declaring War via Twitter

by Ginnie Seger All that is needed to announce an eminent attack are 140 characters. This is the case for Kenya, which announced via Twitter, its intent to attack Somalia. On November 1, Major Emmanuel Chirchir, an official in the … Continue reading

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