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Peruvian Food: Gastronomy’s Hidden Gem

When you think of food what do you think of French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese? In the world of gastronomy, Peruvian food has been getting some attention. Peru is a country in South America known for its Incan ruins in Cusco … Continue reading

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When Hollywood Met China: Tapping into China’s 1-billion-citizen film market

Historically, the only Asian films that broke through into Western screens were martial arts films. Martial arts films were a successful niche product that produced infamous household names such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. At the time, … Continue reading

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What D.C. Graduate Students Can Learn About Costa Rica’s Happiness Culture

A close look at Costa Rica could give American students insight into leading happier lives. Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica (Credit: Renee Garcia) Costa Ricans are some of the happiest people in the world. They are the happiest country in Latin … Continue reading

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2020 Tokyo Olympics: In Time for Japan’s Womenomics and the #WeToo Movement

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo has put the spotlight on Japan’s shrinking population. Last week, protest erupted in Tokyo when it was announced that Japan may bring in as many as half a million foreign workers to meet work demands ahead … Continue reading

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A Journalist on Vacation Discovers U.S. Involvement in Jamaican Tragedy

Brittany Stevens Journalist, Mattathias Schwartz, was on vacation in Jamaica with nothing to do when a story that would tell another side of a deadly event fell into his lap. Schwartz caught wind of the story about a raid in … Continue reading

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