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Peruvian Food: Gastronomy’s Hidden Gem

When you think of food what do you think of French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese? In the world of gastronomy, Peruvian food has been getting some attention. Peru is a country in South America known for its Incan ruins in Cusco … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Indigenous Radio Bill: Trojan Horse or Public Service?

by Rick Rockwell Earlier this month, Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies passed new legislation, which will open up more of the country’s radio spectrum to indigenous voices.  But like many pieces of legislation in many countries, the main purpose behind the … Continue reading

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Editor’s Notes: 10K in the Market

Time to take stock again as sometime during the evening of April 6, the meter on this blog recorded 10,000 unique visitors.  Someone reading from McLean, Virginia took the honors for setting the mark.  Although reaching this goal was certainly … Continue reading

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A Brief Survey of Finnish Heavy Metal

by Rick Rockwell Certainly, let the snickers begin, given this byline over a posting that may seem designed to find the most obscure international communication niche and exploit it.  However, if one of our favorite blogs, Passport from Foreign Policy, … Continue reading

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Editor’s Notes: Centennial Posting

Our little corner booth in the global supermarket of ideas passed a significant threshold today:  100 posts.  Not by design, but just as part of the flow of those ideas, the post that set the mark was not from one … Continue reading

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