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Hugo Chavez: What’s So Bad About Governing Via Twitter?

by Gabby LaVerghetta How would you react if your president ran the government over Twitter? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has recently adopted the social network as his primary mode of communication. Chavez, who has been in Cuba on and off … Continue reading

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Cuba’s Reforms: Farmers Now, Media Later?

by Jeff Hutter Tomorrow, Dec. 1, Cuban farmers will be able to circumvent government intervention and sell produce directly to hotels and restaurants. The reform is one of the myriad of changes President Raul Castro has instituted over the last … Continue reading

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Afro-Latin American Music Inspires Social Movements

This weekend as the U.S. starts to shift gears into holiday mode (and because this blog has already heard the complaints about holiday music wafting across the airwaves even in advance of Thanksgiving) a tempo change is overdue.  Certainly, both … Continue reading

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Latin Pulse Returns Online

by Rick Rockwell This post is a bit of a programming advisory about the revival of sorts of a notable public affairs program called Latin Pulse, which was produced by Link TV for four years, but has not been produced … Continue reading

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