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Burma’s media: dramas in the transition

By Ye Kaung Myint Maung Burma’s (Myanmar) media industry was crippled by repressive censorship rules of the dictatorship government for more than two decades. So the ruling military’s recent U-turn decision to allow democratic elections and restore civilian government surprised … Continue reading

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Honduras and the Rule of Law

by Rick Rockwell The kidnapping and murder of Alfredo Villatoro may be proving to be a watershed of realization for the Honduran government.  The details surrounding the investigation of the Villatoro case have shown the weakness and vulnerability of the … Continue reading

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Ecuador: Correa’s Assault on the Media & Democracy

by Gabby LaVerghetta In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa is attempting to wipe out democracy, and he is succeeding. How? By targeting the media. Any good American history scholar knows the lofty rhetoric about the importance of a free press. It’s … Continue reading

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Copyright & Intellectual Property: Europe Debates ACTA

by Gabby LaVerghetta With the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) officially off Congress’ calendar for 2012, many netizens have breathed a sigh of relief. (For more on that topic, please see “Global Sharing Culture: … Continue reading

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Global Sharing Culture: Are SOPA & PIPA Really Over?

by Ginnie Seger I remember sitting on the scratchy carpet, staring at the radio, waiting.  What was I waiting for? The perfect song to complete my mixed tape. In order to record a song, I would wait patiently through advertisements, … Continue reading

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