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How Does Peace Journalism Apply to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

(Editor’s Note: Some students in the International Media program at American University are now researching their final capstone projects. These projects will take the form of either scholarly papers, or professional and creative projects. We are posting proposals and updates … Continue reading

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The American Media Blackout Israeli Apartheid Week Again

by Dan Gordon Special to Sutradhar’s Market There’s a yearly event that takes place in cities across the world, from Albuquerque to Ljubljana.  All across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia there will be speakers and movie … Continue reading

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Hunger Striker Khader Adnan, Saved by Twitter

by Fatemeh Shahkolahi This week, Palestinian activist Khader Adnan ended his 66-day hunger strike. According to Al Jazeera, the 33-year-old Palestinian was arrested under an Israeli military order and held without charges or trial. Adnan broke his hunger strike, which … Continue reading

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U.S. Media Ignore Palestine’s Freedom Riders

by Fatemeh Shahkolahi You’ve probably heard of the 1961 Freedom Riders in the United States. But you may not have heard of the Palestinian launch of the Freedom Rides campaign.

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Why the Palestinian Spring Hasn’t Gone Viral

by Fatemeh Shahkolahi The words singing, dancing, and celebrating seem misplaced when used to illustrate Palestinians in the West Bank. But these words bore truth to the atmosphere of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank last week, after the … Continue reading

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