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Hugo Chavez: What’s So Bad About Governing Via Twitter?

by Gabby LaVerghetta How would you react if your president ran the government over Twitter? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has recently adopted the social network as his primary mode of communication. Chavez, who has been in Cuba on and off … Continue reading

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Demonizing Iran & the Electronic Curtain

by Gabby LaVerghetta President Barack Obama in his Nowruz address to the Iranian people coined the term “electronic curtain” to describe the lack of access to online information in Iran.  (Please see “Iran’s Electronic Curtain” for more.)  Now, the United … Continue reading

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Iran’s Electronic Curtain

by Gabby LaVerghetta A new curtain has descended between the East and West. This time it’s electronic. To commemorate the Persian New Year, called Nowruz, this week President Barack Obama delivered a YouTube message to the Iranian people.  In the … Continue reading

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Leveraging Guilt: The Kony 2012 Campaign & the Militarization of Africa

by Dan Gordon* Special to Sutradhar’s Market In 1877, the British Empire was at the height of its glory, the Spanish Empire would soon collapse, and a young Oxford student named Cecil Rhodes was writhing in the dirt, gripped by … Continue reading

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Making Way for More American Films in China

by Becky Mezzanotte Could Avatar have contributed to the reopening of the Chinese market for American films? According to an article that I just saw move its way across my Twitter feed from The Hollywood Reporter, the answer is “yes.” … Continue reading

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