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Small World Machines: Creating Shared Experiences Between India and Pakistan

By Jesselle Macatiag Coca-Cola’s homepage tagline reads, “Refreshing the world, one story at a time.” In March of 2013, the company refreshed the worlds of two nations divided over decades of conflict: India and Pakistan. Small World Machines was a … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Indigenous Radio Bill: Trojan Horse or Public Service?

by Rick Rockwell Earlier this month, Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies passed new legislation, which will open up more of the country’s radio spectrum to indigenous voices.  But like many pieces of legislation in many countries, the main purpose behind the … Continue reading

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Post-Black Friday: Delirious at the Shopping Center with Victoria’s Secret

by Erica Sanchez-Vazquez It took ten years of trials and tribulations, but the largest shopping center in Puerto Rico finally opened a Victoria’s Secret store.   The people rejoiced. Hundreds made it to the gates on opening day, some as … Continue reading

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Body Image & the Media: Calling for the New Look Model

by Tara Ashraf Why is it that America is always a little bit behind Europe?  (I don’t mean educationally — if we were talking about education, frankly, we’re light-years behind.)  But even in the realm of media, I’m ashamed to … Continue reading

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