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Keeping the Internet Alive in Syria

 By Jason Kanno Communication with the outside world is a precious commodity in war-torn Syria. Bashar Al-Assad’s government maintains near-absolute control over the country’s Internet connections. Anxiety is now growing that Al-Assad will shut down Internet service in Syria. With … Continue reading

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In Haiti, Restoration Through Cell Phones

By Erin Powell An estimated 220,00 people died and an additional 3.5 million were affected by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12, 2010. Almost three years later, even though the devastation is still seen … Continue reading

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Overrating Privacy

by Echo Xie In the discussion of technology and social media, one thing always pops up: privacy. With every step we take to make our communication with each other easier and more seamless, there are always people standing on the … Continue reading

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Africa: Mobile Innovation and Participatory Development

(Editor’s Note: Some students in the International Media program at American University are now researching their final capstone projects. These projects will take the form of either scholarly papers, or professional and creative projects. We are posting proposals and updates … Continue reading

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Kuhonga: Kenya’s Mobile Corruption Reporting

by Ginnie Seger A little over a year ago, my weekly trip into the town of Embu, Kenya from my village would be unpredictable to say the least. Potential scenarios would include goats stuffed under my seat, precarious routes and … Continue reading

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