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Documentary Honors Garcia Marquez

By Allison J. Dickinson What do you do to celebrate a big anniversary? If you’re Mexican producer Gabriel Santander, you make a movie. On Monday, October 29, Mexicans and Colombians alike tuned in to a special television documentary about one … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico: Arts, Politics and a Controversial Documentary

by Erica Sanchez-Vazquez All around the world, governments spend huge amounts of money in funding the arts, as a response to market failure in capitalist societies. As David Throsby states in The Economics of Cultural Policy, “the overall output of … Continue reading

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The BBC Sells Out to Public Relations

by Dan Gordon Special to Sutradhar’s Market Earlier this month, Britain’s The Independent noted that the BBC was broadcasting a television apology to 74 million of its viewers around the world.   The BBC, touted by many Americans who consider themselves … Continue reading

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Reprogramming Frozen Planet: Dodging the Climate Debate Hot Zone

by Fatemeh Shahkolahi Climate change is a loaded term. If used at the wrong place or at the wrong time, it can spark long, heated debates. And it has. The climate change debate has successfully made its way into the … Continue reading

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Post-Black Friday: Delirious at the Shopping Center with Victoria’s Secret

by Erica Sanchez-Vazquez It took ten years of trials and tribulations, but the largest shopping center in Puerto Rico finally opened a Victoria’s Secret store.   The people rejoiced. Hundreds made it to the gates on opening day, some as … Continue reading

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