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Mexican Vigilantes Fight the Drug Cartels

By Marquise Nichols When government officials don’t put an effort into solving crimes, the community might take matters into its own hands.  This is exactly what is happening in cities across Mexico. Citizens are taking law enforcement into their own … Continue reading

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Documentary Honors Garcia Marquez

By Allison J. Dickinson What do you do to celebrate a big anniversary? If you’re Mexican producer Gabriel Santander, you make a movie. On Monday, October 29, Mexicans and Colombians alike tuned in to a special television documentary about one … Continue reading

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Who Creates the Drug Stigma in Central America?

by Curt Devine Drug trafficking in Central America has always attracted high media attention. From the popular news coverage of Pablo Escobar’s cocaine trade in 1980’s and early 1990’s to the recent murders committed by the Zetas Killers in Veracruz, … Continue reading

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Letter from Honduras: The Villatoro Case

by Rick Rockwell The case of Alfredo Villatoro, the assassinated journalist who headed the news operations at the country’s most popular radio network HRN, has galvanized the journalism community in Honduras.  (For more background on the case, please see:  “Honduras … Continue reading

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Honduras and the Rule of Law

by Rick Rockwell The kidnapping and murder of Alfredo Villatoro may be proving to be a watershed of realization for the Honduran government.  The details surrounding the investigation of the Villatoro case have shown the weakness and vulnerability of the … Continue reading

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