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Puerto Rico: Arts, Politics and a Controversial Documentary

by Erica Sanchez-Vazquez All around the world, governments spend huge amounts of money in funding the arts, as a response to market failure in capitalist societies. As David Throsby states in The Economics of Cultural Policy, “the overall output of … Continue reading

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Sensationalism, Cannibalism & Sick Media Appetites

by Echo Xie World news has been pretty scary lately. All of a sudden, “cannibalism,” a word we only previously heard in movies or prehistorical tales, is seemingly topping every newspaper and every website.  

For most of us, the stories … Continue reading

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Film: Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

by Echo Xie When a movie gets a nearly perfect critics score and an only so-so audience rating, you know what you’re about to walk into. Most possibly, it will either bore you, or confuse you. In this case, it … Continue reading

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James Cameron Falls for an International Joke & Proves the Internet is One Big Game of Telephone

by Echo Xie When film director James Cameron was on The Colbert Report last month talking about his so-called “new” film, he told a story, with all seriousness (despite the venue), that Chinese authorities decided to cut out the nude … Continue reading

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Film: China’s Let the Bullets Fly

by Echo Xie When Filmfest DC (the annual International Film Festival in Washington, D.C., this year from April 11 until April 22) released its playlist for its 26th year, I was thrilled to see Let the Bullets Fly in their … Continue reading

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