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Google Goes South of the Border

By Vicktery Sanchez Google is venturing into a new territory filled with empanadas and cumba music. The search engine giant announced earlier this month that it is opening a $150 million data center in Latin America, the first one in … Continue reading

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Web Publishing: The New York Times Goes Chinese

by Gabby LaVerghetta The New York Times launched a Chinese-language website this week. The site will feature roughly 30 new articles per day, most of which will be translated from English. The rest of the content will be produced in … Continue reading

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Sensationalism, Cannibalism & Sick Media Appetites

by Echo Xie World news has been pretty scary lately. All of a sudden, “cannibalism,” a word we only previously heard in movies or prehistorical tales, is seemingly topping every newspaper and every website.  

For most of us, the stories … Continue reading

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The African Media Initiative Seeks to Improve Journalism

by Gabby LaVerghetta With so much attention being given to the dark side of digital media (think censorship, privacy concerns), it’s easy to become pessimistic about new communication technologies. Africa has a chance to highlight the good that information and … Continue reading

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Twitter’s New Censorship Policy: Betrayal or are the Protests Wrong?

by Echo Xie The end of January was all about internet freedom of expression. As if all the fuss from the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the proposed intellectual property treaty in the European Union … Continue reading

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