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The Great Firewall of Thailand?

By Melissa Yeager Thai citizens who subscribe to the international version of the New York Times didn’t receive a copy of the paper on Sept. 22. The printer in the Asian country declined to print it due to a front-page … Continue reading

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The Social Network in Indonesia

By Suzanne Slattery Despite the Indonesian post-election tension last summer, Joko Widodo was sworn in as the new president of Indonesia on Oct. 20. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott were among the foreign … Continue reading

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Digital Dark Alleys are a Safe Haven for Criminals

By Megan Ekhaml When you hear “Silk Road,” most people think of the historical trade route linking Asia and the Mediterranean. It’s little brother has made a new home – on the Deep Web. And Bitcoin is the currency of … Continue reading

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Keeping the Internet Alive in Syria

 By Jason Kanno Communication with the outside world is a precious commodity in war-torn Syria. Bashar Al-Assad’s government maintains near-absolute control over the country’s Internet connections. Anxiety is now growing that Al-Assad will shut down Internet service in Syria. With … Continue reading

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Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Visit Russia?

By Yulia Koval-Molodtsova The Russian Internet community is wondering about  Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s recent visit to Moscow. He arrived in Russia on Sept. 30, and the first places he went were the Red Square and Moscow’s central … Continue reading

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