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Rousseff Returns as Brazil’s President

By Kaye Adoo In a historic presidential election four years ago, Brazilians welcomed their first female president, Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff ran for re-election on Oct. 5 against 11 candidates, including another woman, environmentalist Marina Silva from the Brazilian Socialist Party. Since no … Continue reading

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A Final Reflection on the Latino Vote

By Curt Devine The Mexico-based international media outlet Televisa carries great influence over much of Latin America. In terms of mass communication, Televisa has one of the loudest voices in the Spanish-speaking world. Therefore, its coverage of presidential elections not … Continue reading

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The U.S. Election Goes Global

By Ginnie Seger (Africa), Gabby Laverghetta (Europe), Erica Sanchez (Latin America), Echo Xie (Asia), and Fatemeh Shakolahini (Middle East) When President Barack Obama won re-election on Tuesday evening against GOP challenger Gov. Mitt Romney, reverberations were felt throughout not only … Continue reading

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Google Goes South of the Border

By Vicktery Sanchez Google is venturing into a new territory filled with empanadas and cumba music. The search engine giant announced earlier this month that it is opening a $150 million data center in Latin America, the first one in … Continue reading

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Contraseña Verde: Small Solutions for a Big Problem

by Erica Sanchez-Vazquez Conversations about climate change, protecting the environment, and sustainability have never been more predominant. They can be as big as Rio+20, the latest United Nations Earth Summit, where heads of states from all over the world to … Continue reading

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