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Pakistan and India Spar Over Line of Control

By Gujari Singh Pakistan and India are continuing their verbal assault on each other concerning the so-called line of control (LOC), which is the disputed border between the two countries in Kashmir. The back and forth between the counties has … Continue reading

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Pakistan Media Muddle

By Gujari Singh In two recent drone attacks in Pakistan’s northern region on Sept. 24 and 28, the international media explained the incident in different ways. The question this raises is: What is the role of the press in reporting … Continue reading

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Small World Machines: Creating Shared Experiences Between India and Pakistan

By Jesselle Macatiag Coca-Cola’s homepage tagline reads, “Refreshing the world, one story at a time.” In March of 2013, the company refreshed the worlds of two nations divided over decades of conflict: India and Pakistan. Small World Machines was a … Continue reading

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In the Freefall of Insecurity, Mexico Unsafe for Many Journalists

by Rick Rockwell What do you tell a young reporter with not much to lose (besides their life) who wants to run off and cover the Drug War in Mexico? This is not a hypothetical question.  This is just one … Continue reading

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