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Brazilians Boost Attendance at the Paralympics

By Melina Fleury Franco The Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro hosted 170,000 people on Sept. 10, more people than on the busiest day of the 2016 Olympic Games, which only totaled 157,000. What were all these people watching? … Continue reading

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The Olympics: Rebranding London

(Editor’s Note: Some students in the International Media program at American University are now researching their final capstone projects. These projects will take the form of either scholarly papers, or professional and creative projects. We are posting proposals and updates … Continue reading

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Different Perspectives: Televised Sports in the U.K.

by Becky Mezzanotte Recently, I found myself in a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland called Tron. It was here that I would actually experience media in the U.K. as my friends and I gathered in around a table to watch the … Continue reading

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