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Comparing Al-Jazeera and Western Media

By Taryn Jones The modern world is often divided in half between those who love Western media and those who don’t. The Western or European news has influenced the world since the arrival of the printing press in the 1440s. … Continue reading

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Web Publishing: The New York Times Goes Chinese

by Gabby LaVerghetta The New York Times launched a Chinese-language website this week. The site will feature roughly 30 new articles per day, most of which will be translated from English. The rest of the content will be produced in … Continue reading

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The American Media Blackout Israeli Apartheid Week Again

by Dan Gordon Special to Sutradhar’s Market There’s a yearly event that takes place in cities across the world, from Albuquerque to Ljubljana.  All across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia there will be speakers and movie … Continue reading

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Europe: Are the Media Framing Italy’s Mario Monti for Success or Failure?

by Gabby LaVerghetta The newest international cover of TIME features Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. The text below his face poses the daunting question: “Can this man save Europe? That’s a pretty tall order for one man. Monti, a longtime … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Crowned the Online King

by Becky Mezzanotte It had to be one of the most interesting and disturbing tweets to come across my Twitter timeline in the last week: “How did the Daily Mail   conquer America? The UK tabloid has overtaken @NYTimes  as world’s most popular … Continue reading

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