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Singapore Suffers With Smoke and Haze

By Sarah Medeiros For the citizens of Singapore, 2015 has been a year fraught with political tensions and national grief over the death of a beloved leader. Now they have something else to worry about: The haze. Beginning just before … Continue reading

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Mexican Government to Citizens: “Stop complaining!”

By Carlos Diaz Barriga The Mexican government on Monday, Oct. 12 uploaded a new video to its official YouTube channel promoting its latest accomplishments. By Tuesday, following public outcry on social media, it had been removed. The problem? The spot … Continue reading

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Following Democracy in Indonesia

By Suzanne Slattery Known to most people as an exotic tropical retreat, Indonesia is also home to the world’s largest Muslim population. In the midst of jihadists beheading journalists and Thailand’s lasting military coup, the country’s democratic elections and political situation … Continue reading

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Israel and Hamas: War in the Twitter Sphere

By Laurin-Whitney Gottbrath The implications of the November 2012 conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip may seem uncertain at this point, but what is clear is that both parties have added a new weapon to their arsenal: … Continue reading

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Overrating Privacy

by Echo Xie In the discussion of technology and social media, one thing always pops up: privacy. With every step we take to make our communication with each other easier and more seamless, there are always people standing on the … Continue reading

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