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Saudi Arabian Ambassador Creates Close Ties with U.S.

By Abdullah Kadasa It is clear that Adel Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States,  was on a fast track to a successful political career from the start.  He explained in a recent interview that after a short … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez: What’s So Bad About Governing Via Twitter?

by Gabby LaVerghetta How would you react if your president ran the government over Twitter? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has recently adopted the social network as his primary mode of communication. Chavez, who has been in Cuba on and off … Continue reading

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The Internet & the Right to be Forgotten

by Gabby LaVerghetta Can a person be completely forgotten online? According to the European Commission (E.C.), not only is the answer yes, but there should be a right to guarantee it. Earlier this year, the E.C. announced a reform of … Continue reading

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Demonizing Iran & the Electronic Curtain

by Gabby LaVerghetta President Barack Obama in his Nowruz address to the Iranian people coined the term “electronic curtain” to describe the lack of access to online information in Iran.  (Please see “Iran’s Electronic Curtain” for more.)  Now, the United … Continue reading

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The Media & South Korean Public Diplomacy

(Editor’s Note: Some students in the International Media program at American University are now researching their final capstone projects. These projects will take the form of either scholarly papers, or professional and creative projects. We are posting proposals and updates … Continue reading

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