Authors & Editors

Marquise Nichols is a first-year graduate student at American University, studying International Media. She is interested in the impact of media on intergroup relationships throughout the world. She holds a B.A. degree in Film Production from Hofstra University in New York.

Marina Mangie is a second-year graduate student in the International Media master’s program at American University. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.A. in International Relations. Her main region of study is East Asia. She enjoys history and foreign relations, and her research focuses mainly on diplomatic relations between the United States and other countries.

Zhongyi Christina Su is from Beijing, China. She graduated from the Capital University of Economics and Business, majoring in Communications. She has interned for China Radio International, China Youth Daily and Hill+Knowlton Strategies. She is a first-year graduate student in the International Media master’s program at American University. She loves taking photographs and recording life.

Rana Shenawi is a first-year graduate student in International Media at American University. Rana graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Communication with a focus on public relations. Soon after graduation, she had the chance to practice what she learned in college through internships at ALS Hope Foundation, L.E.R. Public Relations, Devine and Partners, and at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Switzerland and Washington, D.C. She also worked in 2016 as an administrative assistant in the International Office at Universiti Tenaga Nasional in Malaysia. She developed a passion for global media and international affairs while living in different countries due to her father’s work as a diplomat.

Melina Fleury graduated from the University of Brasilia in Brazil, and she is now a first-year International Media master’s degree student at American University. She also worked for the Brazilian Congress for a year.  She is very excited about the opportunities that living in D.C might bring her way.

Ibrahim Alkhayal is from Saudi Arabia. He is a first-year student in the International Media master’s program at American University. Before starting his master’s degree in 2016, he worked for three years for a non-profit interactive center as a public relations and social media supervisor. In 2011, he completed his undergraduate degree in Marketing, Communication and Advertising in Saudi Arabia. He enjoys producing videos and editing photographs. He also loves to make short videos and to post them on social platforms. He enjoys his graduate work and wishes he could take every single course that is offered.

Alma Burke is a first-year student in the International Media master’s program at American University, where she is pursuing her interest in digital storytelling by capturing a wide range of global, cultural and political adversities as they pertain to women and youth. She served as the public correspondence manager for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. In that role she worked alongside campaign executives to write correspondence and policy documents on behalf of President Obama and his administration. She also worked as a production assistant in the Creative Solutions Department for McDonald’s Corporation and served as a White House intern in the Office of Presidential Correspondence. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is currently a Public Diplomacy Council Fellow and research assistant with American University’s Institute on Disabilities and Public Policy.

Sarah B. Grace is pursuing a master’s degree in International Media at American University. After graduating with a B.A. in philosophy and a minor in film studies from Tufts University in 2012, she worked as vice president of video production at a marketing company and as a freelance videographer and video editor while also pursuing her dream of becoming a novelist. With three books in the early stages of editing for intended publication, she decided to consolidate her production experience and interest in international affairs into a new career path while continuing her writing on the side.

Qiyong Sally Zhang comes from Beijing, China.  She graduated last spring from a joint program between China Agriculture University and the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Communications. She transferred to the University of Colorado Denver when she was junior. She is now studying in the International Media master’s program at American University.

Melissa Yeager is a graduate student in the International Media master’s degree program at American University. Before beginning her studies at American, Melissa spent 15 years as a television reporter at stations in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida. She is a two-time regional Emmy award winner and a native of Kansas City.

Shirin Yaseen comes from a big family. As she is the youngest, her voice was heard the least among her six siblings, and so she became a journalist. She currently works in broadcasting at a radio station based in the United States. Prior to that, she worked in various media outlets, including  TV, radio and print, and she was a freelance journalist for a while. Five years ago, she landed in the United States. In 2015, she started her graduate studies in International Media at American University in Washington, D.C. What’s next for her? Time will tell.


Sarah Medeiros is pursuing a master’s degree in International Media at American University’s School of Communication. After graduating with a B.A. in English and Theater, Sarah spent three years working in Los Angeles before deciding to return to school to further her education. Her academic focus is South/Southeast Asia, where she lived for many of her formative years. Her interests also lie in all things related to pop culture.

Tara Schoenborn is pursuing a master’s degree in International Media at American University’s School of International Service. She received her B.A. from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, majoring in public relations and political science and minoring in Spanish. While in college, she studied abroad in Chile and Ecuador, which inspired the topic of her undergraduate thesis, “Chilean Media and Public Opinion, 1973-2013.” She is currently a Public Diplomacy Council Fellow, and she has held marketing and communications positions in both the private and public sector. She is pursuing a graduate degree so that she can further develop her interests in public diplomacy and intercultural communication.

Cameran Clayton is a graduate student at American University’s School of International Service, who is pursuing a master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. She received a B.S. in Political Science from Shepherd University in 2014.  Her interests include political and social theory, women’s and gender studies, peace activism and history. Cameran intends to pursue a Ph.D. in International Politics. She believes her experiences as a non-traditional student and single mother will enhance her teaching and academic work by forming a foundational platform from which to express marginalized views.

Carlos Diaz Barriga comes from Mexico, where he spent three years working in the Public Relations field at Burson-Marsteller, specializing in corporate and financial communications. He received his undergraduate degree in marketing at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). His interests lie in analyzing Mexican media and their relationship with corporations and government. He is currently studying in the International Media master’s degree program at American University.

Gujari Singh was born in India, and she moved to New York as a child.  She graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Art History and Fine Art. She then attended Tourismushule Klessheim in Austria, a school specializing in international hotel management. She has worked in Spain, Argentina and the United States opening new hotels. Needing a change, she took a position at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is now a graduate student at American University in the International Media program.

Taryn Jones is a writer, photographer and student at American University, where she is a candidate for a master’s degree in International Media. She received her B.A. in International Affairs at George Mason University. In her spare time, Taryn likes to travel, read, and cook meals, which she details on her blog. She is also writing a novel.

Suzanne Slattery is a graduate student in the International Media program at American University. She received a B.A. from the University of Oregon in Journalism/International Studies and did a semester abroad in Senegal. She did two years of AmeriCorps VISTA program in the San Diego office of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Following her service, she became a staff member at IRC and created a cultural orientation program for newly arrived refugees. Later she supervised a community health navigation and wellness program and a vocational ESL program for refugees. She also volunteered with A Reason To Survive (ARTS), a program that uses art to positively impact youth facing challenges. After graduation, Suzanne hopes to work in communications for humanitarian aid organizations.

Modupeola Oyebolu is an aspiring documenter of life on the African continent. A Nigerian by birth, she holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria. Before she moved to the United States in March 2013, she worked as a communications assistant for the 3i’s Initiative, a government-run community development organization in Ondo State, Nigeria. Her experiences, both at 3i’s and in the United States, have led her to American University’s International Media master’s degree program. After graduating, she hopes to create work that will contribute to reshaping the way that Africa is perceived by Africans themselves and by people from other parts of the world.

Allan Roberts is a graduate student in the International Media master’s program at American University. Prior to enrolling at American’s School of Communication, he worked with the Foreign Exchange (FX) Market and international logistics in New York. Allan earned a B.A. in International Relations from Emory University in Atlanta. Allan’s interest in international affairs comes from his frequent international travel, which includes having family both in the United States and Colombia. After graduation, he hopes to work with an NGO or in international consulting.

Candice Norwood is a St. Louis, Missouri, native who has taken more trips abroad than inside the United States. Her experiences in 20 different countries include traveling as a People to People student ambassador to England and France, working at a children’s shelter in Panama and skiing indoors in Dubai. After graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, she spent the following school year teaching English at a public high school in Madrid, Spain. Candice is currently a master’s student in International Media at American University and hopes to find a job that allows her to travel, meet new people and have an impact on global issues.

Akua (Kaye) Adoo considers herself a world citizen. Having lived in Canada, Ghana, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, she has a gained respect for global communications. Before enrolling in American University’s International Media program, Akua received a B.A. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and a M.A. degree in Strategic Communication from Villanova University. Akua has worked with Academic Search Inc., an executive search firm for higher education leaders based in Washington, DC. In the future, she plans to work for a multinational company that specializes in both non-profits and for-profit institutions.

Daniel Farber Ball is a graduate student in the International Media program, a journalist and a news producer. Originally from Israel, he worked for global news outlets such as RT, Channel News Asia, South Africa’s Carte Blanche and others. Daniel earned a B.A. in International Relations and Communications from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem while also working as a visitor liaison at the Israeli Parliament. Upon graduation, Daniel hopes to return to work in media.

Tim Allan is a filmmaker focused on editing, camera work, and directing.  The first-year grad student has completed a variety of video production work in New York, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.  In 2012, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema & Digital Arts from Point Park University in Pittsburgh.  Tim recently directed a feature film, set at a budget of $50,000. With the help of his Master’s degree in International Media, Tim hopes to work on creative projects with a political nature.

Stephanie Brown is a graduate student in the American University International Media program and a graduate fellow at the Center for Media & Social Impact.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. While there, she joined the Carnegie Mellon Human-Computer Interaction Institute as a research assistant, collaborating on projects exploring user perspectives on online anonymity. Prior to that, Stephanie interned at Three Rivers Community Foundation, where she wrote about human rights issues and current events. She hopes to use her Master’s degree in the service of an NGO or nonprofit organization. Stephanie enjoys reading, watching films, and experiencing other cultures.

Kristine Deveza comes from Henderson, Nevada.  The first-year graduate student in American’s International Media program received her B.A. in Global Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Go Gauchos!  She studied abroad in Egypt and has traveled to Japan, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece.  Kristine worked with UCSB’s Education Abroad Program counseling students and getting the program’s social media presence established.  She hopes to use her education, travels, and professional experiences to pursue a career in communications related to international news and cross-cultural understanding.

Megan Ekhami is a graduate student and a photographer.  Originally from a small Virginia town, her exposure to petty prejudices there gave her a passion for human rights and social justice.  Megan graduated from George Mason University in 2012. Her degree is in Communications with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism and a minor in Global Affairs.  Megan plans to use her camera lens and degree as a catalyst for the progressive improvement of the lives of those who cannot help themselves on the international stage.

Stephanie Foul has lived and studied in South Africa, South Korea and France.  She finally relocated to Belgium to earn a B.A. degree in Political Science.  But her love for film grew, coupled with a recent kinship for media and its depictions of ethnic groups and minorities including women, LGBT and multi-ethnic communities.  A first-year grad student in International Media, Stephanie plans to pursue film criticism on social media, develop further media skills, gain new fields of interest and make the most of her studies.  But she also wants to  become a ” cordon bleu ” who can cook you such delicious cuisine that you’ll die instantly, then resuscitate just to taste another bite !

Anqi Hu has wanted to work in international media most of her life.  She lived in Minneapolis for more than four years, while she received her B.A. in Communication Studies and Management at the University of Minnesota.  Shortly after graduation, she decided to come to Washington, D.C. to explore a more diverse culture and the political atmosphere.  As a first-year grad student in International Media,  Anqi plans to pursue a better understanding of media criticism and develop the media skills she needs to make her study more practical and open new doors of interest.

Violet Jiang is a graduate student from China, who came to American University in 2013, right after getting her B.A. in Chinese as a Second Language from Soochow University.  Violet is thrilled to take media courses because she is pursuing one of her childhood dreams.  She has had multiple internships at newspapers, television stations and public relation firms.  Her interests include: inter-cultural communication, environmental reporting, China’s international status, technology development and media.  Now she hopes to do some photography and polish her skills on graphic editing and website design.  In her spare time,  Violet enjoys movies, music and playing the piano.

Jesselle Macatiag is a native of Los Angeles.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from UCLA with a major in Anthropology.  An advertising veteran, she has worked on media campaigns for HTC, Walt Disney Motion Pictures, and Discovery Digital Media.  Jesselle comes to American University’s International Media program with interests in media advocacy and development.  In her spare time,  Jesselle enjoys going to concerts on school nights, cooking food that sticks to your ribs, and watching UCLA beat USC.  Go Bruins!

Ye Kaung Myint Maung is a journalist from Myanmar who began a lifetime of learning reading book after book while lying in bed during prolonged seasons of monsoon rains.  His studies ranged from ancient civilizations to unsolved mysteries of the past and unexplained phenomenon in the sky.  Ye’s mother is a geography professor who opened his eyes to the wide range of people, cultures and landscapes –including those remote areas of Myanmar where people live without electricity, education, clean water and appropriate healthcare. Ye Kaung Myint Maung found his calling, but he needed to figure out how to tell his people’s story in a land with strict censorship.  The media landscape is changing.  Press censorship in Myanmar is loosening.  Ye Kaung  Myint Maung hopes to return home someday and use his international media studies to chronicle and analyze Myanmar’s emergence from the darkness of press censorship to its new atmosphere of limited freedom and beyond.

Jason Muirragui grew up in Northern Virginia and has worked in video production since high school. His first broadcasting job was at WDRL-TV in Roanoke, Virginia before moving on to the CBS-owned power house WCCO-TV in Minneapolis for a few years.  Jason later returned to the D.C. area to mentor adults with special needs where he works as a producer for a show on disability advocacy.  Jason has an international background and spent time in Tunisia and Egypt shortly before their ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings.  His experience helped him acquire a professional interest in media development within emerging democracies. Jason is an alum of the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.