Peruvian Food: Gastronomy’s Hidden Gem


Peruvian Ceviche (Photo Credit: Pablo Viojo|Flickr)

When you think of food what do you think of French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese? In the world of gastronomy, Peruvian food has been getting some attention. Peru is a country in South America known for its Incan ruins in Cusco called Machu Picchu. Its climate variety makes some exotic foods quite accessible. Now, Peru is seeing more culinary tourists. Its unique blend of cultures represented in its dishes is what excites foodies. Peruvian food is a blend of Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and pre-Colombian influences. Some of the most popular dishes include Lomo Saltado, Pollo la Brasa, Ceviche, and Causa.

One of the largest events for Peruvian food is called Mistura. Mistura is a food festival hosted by APEGA, the Peruvian society of gastronomy. They showcase the variety of Peruvian food to Latin America. Festivals like these are being held worldwide. Countries such as the United States, Japan, Spain and Italy are just a few where these festivals are being held.

The popularity of Peruvian cuisine has increased the demand and transmission of Peruvian cooking shows to international audiences. Peru’s most famous chef Gaston Acurio became an international cooking sensation. Acurio has established multiple restaurants worldwide, has won international awards for his cooking, and was even nominated to be a contender for President. If that does show how much Peruvians love food then what does. Also, in the third season of Chef’s Table on Netflix follows Peruvian chef Viriglio Martinez, chef of Central in Lima, Peru. Central is considered to be one of the most successful restaurants in Lima.

So, how do get your dose of Peruvian food without leaving the DMV area? Well, luckily there are some good Peruvian restaurants in the area. Peruvian chicken, rotisserie chicken marinated in a unique blend of spices, is the most common in the area but there are other dishes to explore. Some restaurants include Crisp and Juicy, Su Pollo, and, Super Pollo.

What Peruvian dish have you tried?


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