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Germany and the Refugee Crisis

By Shirin Yaseen One door closes, another door opens. Middle Eastern refugees are now flooding Eastern European countries. When Hungary builds a fence to stop the migrants, they find another way through Croatia or Romania. The road is long, and … Continue reading

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Israelis and Syrians Come Together in Jordan

By Stephanie Brown There are a lot of numbers being thrown around in the Syrian refugee crisis. Six million people forced out of their homes. Two million driven out of the country. Tens of thousands more crossing the border everyday. … Continue reading

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Syria: A Deadly Country for Reporters

By Jason Kanno There are fewer places in the world more dangerous for journalists to report than Syria. The ongoing civil war in Syria has claimed the lives of at least 17 journalists since it began last November. Most recently, the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Internet Alive in Syria

 By Jason Kanno Communication with the outside world is a precious commodity in war-torn Syria. Bashar Al-Assad’s government maintains near-absolute control over the country’s Internet connections. Anxiety is now growing that Al-Assad will shut down Internet service in Syria. With … Continue reading

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Syria’s SNN: An Alternative Voice

by Gabby LaVerghetta One of the major sources of the violent images and videos coming out of Syria has been SNN. No, that’s not a typo. SNN stands for the Shaam News Network, a Damascus-based media aggregator of citizen journalism … Continue reading

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