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Israelis and Syrians Come Together in Jordan

By Stephanie Brown There are a lot of numbers being thrown around in the Syrian refugee crisis. Six million people forced out of their homes. Two million driven out of the country. Tens of thousands more crossing the border everyday. … Continue reading

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Shaping Public Opinion

By Tim Allan The modern pace of the media in our society is faster than at any other point in human history. People face a constant influx of opinions, polls, and organizations fighting for influence.  It is a battle the group … Continue reading

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Media Framing the News on Cyber-Security

(Editor’s Note: Some students in the International Media program at American University are now researching their final capstone projects. These projects will take the form of either scholarly papers, or professional and creative projects. We are posting proposals and updates … Continue reading

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The Best of the Homeland Security Reading List

by Rick Rockwell These days in the post-Sept. 11 world it should come as no surprise that big brother is watching.  One example:  last week’s revelation that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regularly monitors various online media sources. One … Continue reading

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Stepping Up for Journalists in Mexico’s Drug War

by Rick Rockwell Credit where credit is due: the U.S. government admits the flow of illegal drugs northward to the U.S. market through Mexico fuels the Drug War.  This past week, E. Anthony Wayne, the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico announced … Continue reading

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