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Germany’s Wurst Nightmare: The WHO Report

By Shirin Yassen Sausages are to Germans like pasta is to Italians. So the World Health Organization’s warning this October that processed meat may cause cancer was tough to swallow for the Germans. Sausage is ground meat, herbs and vegetables … Continue reading

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Germany and the Refugee Crisis

By Shirin Yaseen One door closes, another door opens. Middle Eastern refugees are now flooding Eastern European countries. When Hungary builds a fence to stop the migrants, they find another way through Croatia or Romania. The road is long, and … Continue reading

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Controversy Surrounds Germany’s Circumcision Law

By Eva Harder Circumcision was touted as a cure for paralysis in the 19th century, but it has managed to do something even more remarkable in the 21st. The procedure has brought Jews and Muslims together. A regional court in … Continue reading

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Germany and the U.S.: An Economic Connection

by Eva Harder Maybe it’s crude, but this picture sheds some light on the German economy. Engraved onto one of Düsseldorf’s city street walls, the old German maxim that reads, “Dies Marchen Wird Wohl Niemals Wahr. Das Leben Lehrt Sei … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2012: Debating Rather than Singing in Azerbaijan

by Gabby LaVerghetta Eurovision is still more than a month away, but the international song contest is already receiving plenty of press — about the press.  The issue at hand is whether the contest should play a role in freedom … Continue reading

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