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Russia Restricts Independent Media

By Candice Norwood The Washington Post reported Oct. 17, that Russian President Vladimir Putin, passed a law that will prevent foreigners from owning more than 20 percent of Russian media assets. Russian lawmakers say this decision is a response to what … Continue reading

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James Cameron Falls for an International Joke & Proves the Internet is One Big Game of Telephone

by Echo Xie When film director James Cameron was on The Colbert Report last month talking about his so-called “new” film, he told a story, with all seriousness (despite the venue), that Chinese authorities decided to cut out the nude … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Crowned the Online King

by Becky Mezzanotte It had to be one of the most interesting and disturbing tweets to come across my Twitter timeline in the last week: “How did the Daily Mail   conquer America? The UK tabloid has overtaken @NYTimes  as world’s most popular … Continue reading

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Analyzing Monocle & its Global Media Brand

by Corey Smith Amid the organized chaos of international news reportage, cross-cultural entertainment and new media technology spreading worldwide, we sometimes forget to take a step back and look at who is actually producing the content. This post is dedicated … Continue reading

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U.S. Media Ignore Palestine’s Freedom Riders

by Fatemeh Shahkolahi You’ve probably heard of the 1961 Freedom Riders in the United States. But you may not have heard of the Palestinian launch of the Freedom Rides campaign.

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