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‘Act of Killing’ Blurs Lines Between Fiction and Reality

By Stephanie Brown Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing opens on a row of dancers in long skirts emerging gracefully from the mouth of a large fish. The next scene shows the dancers and several men in robes standing in front of a … Continue reading

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Honduras and the Rule of Law

by Rick Rockwell The kidnapping and murder of Alfredo Villatoro may be proving to be a watershed of realization for the Honduran government.  The details surrounding the investigation of the Villatoro case have shown the weakness and vulnerability of the … Continue reading

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Media Danger Zone: Honduras on the Edge

by Rick Rockwell If a building is on fire and the blaze is too high up for the fire department to reach it, what happens?  Certainly, fire fighters gallantly try to save anyone they can and they will inevitably figure … Continue reading

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