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Saudi Arabia, Iran Dispute Affects Hajj Pilgrims

By Ibrahim Alkhayal There is an ongoing dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran surrounding this year’s Hajj, the annual trip to Islam’s holiest city, Makkah. Saudi-Iranian relations took a dive this year after Iran refused to sign a Saudi document requiring … Continue reading

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Israelis and Syrians Come Together in Jordan

By Stephanie Brown There are a lot of numbers being thrown around in the Syrian refugee crisis. Six million people forced out of their homes. Two million driven out of the country. Tens of thousands more crossing the border everyday. … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabian Ambassador Creates Close Ties with U.S.

By Abdullah Kadasa It is clear that Adel Al-Jubeir, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States,  was on a fast track to a successful political career from the start.  He explained in a recent interview that after a short … Continue reading

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The U.S. Election Goes Global

By Ginnie Seger (Africa), Gabby Laverghetta (Europe), Erica Sanchez (Latin America), Echo Xie (Asia), and Fatemeh Shakolahini (Middle East) When President Barack Obama won re-election on Tuesday evening against GOP challenger Gov. Mitt Romney, reverberations were felt throughout not only … Continue reading

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Veiled TV Presenter and the Power Puzzle in Egypt

by Nagwa Abdallah Fatma Nabil, who wears a headscarf (hijab) while reading the news on Egyptian state television, has been covered intensely not only in the Egyptian media but also in regional and international media. Most headlines were similar to … Continue reading

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