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By Jesselle Macatiag Egypt currently has no laws to protect journalists and freedom of speech. That fact is becoming clear as the interim military government censures, detains and expels journalists who present opposing viewpoints. The Newseum World Press Freedom map … Continue reading

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Panda Diplomacy

by Anqi Hu China is famous for its pandas.  But there are actually quite a few pandas in the United States if you’d like to see them.  And  people around the world can now watch the new baby girl born … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2012: Debating Rather than Singing in Azerbaijan

by Gabby LaVerghetta Eurovision is still more than a month away, but the international song contest is already receiving plenty of press — about the press.  The issue at hand is whether the contest should play a role in freedom … Continue reading

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Kuhonga: Kenya’s Mobile Corruption Reporting

by Ginnie Seger A little over a year ago, my weekly trip into the town of Embu, Kenya from my village would be unpredictable to say the least. Potential scenarios would include goats stuffed under my seat, precarious routes and … Continue reading

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Kenya: Declaring War via Twitter

by Ginnie Seger All that is needed to announce an eminent attack are 140 characters. This is the case for Kenya, which announced via Twitter, its intent to attack Somalia. On November 1, Major Emmanuel Chirchir, an official in the … Continue reading

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