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Cinque Terre’s Flood Reveals the Power of Non-Traditional News Sources

by Jessica Andrews The five villages that make up the Cinque Terre, one of Italy’s hidden treasures, were hit extremely hard by floods on October 25. But there has been little to no news coverage of this tragedy in the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Garbage Can be Art Too in Waste Land

by Jessica Andrews Buried amid the trash of the world’s largest dump, Waste Land manages to tell a treasure of a story. Lucy Walker’s documentary about the lives of Brazilian trash-pickers combines honest, yet stunning videography with small moments of … Continue reading

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Graphic Images: Burying Gaddafi’s Corpse or Putting it on the Front Page?

by Jessica Andrews In the morning, you sit down and open the newspaper, and before you can even get your morning cup of coffee, you’re confronted with a bloody body. Depending where in the world you wake up, this may … Continue reading

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Africa & Technology: From Famine to Facebook

by Jessica Andrews If someone were to ask how you would rank all the continents in terms of accessibility to technology, I think almost anyone would rank Africa last. But that may not be true for much longer. Media are … Continue reading

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